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Ash Group LLC is a highly professional and independent organization with significant experience in each of our service lines.


Our independence allows us to serve our clients' interests above all else.


Our experience and expertise allows us to effectively advise and advocate in the interest of our clients.


Our professionalism allows us to provide the highest levels of client service. 


Our streamlined structure allows us to respond quickly and with flexibility to our clients' needs.    

Our History

Initially established in 2001 as Ash Hoch & Company, Michael Ash gained full ownership in the company in 2007 and subsequently changed the name to Ash Group, LLC. Additional team members were recruited - professionals whose passion for client service and commitment to personal development mirrored those of the existing team - and whose expertise strengthened the team and allowed us to offer a broader range of services.

Our Logo


Our new name called for a new logo, a mark that was more representative of our expanding capabilities and our evolving identity. Based initially on the company name, the stylized ash leaf we chose is also a visual story of teamwork and dynamism.

The leaves of the ash tree are compound in nature: one leaf is comprised of all the leaflets on the stalk - an analogy of the "We, not I" principle of Ash Group and its leadership. The elements of the mark suggest a burst of light and upward/outward movement. The color gradient contributes additional energy to the overall effect and proves again that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Our Passion

The three tips of the mark also represent the three key areas of focus to fulfilling our commitment to client satisfaction and long-term client relationships:

1) Providing the highest quality risk management solutions

2) Assembling a team of highly-skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals

3) Accessing the most stable and reliable insurance and service providers

-- Each member of our team brings with them the respect of clients and insurance carriers alike. Our strategy to partner with our clients has created long-term relationships. Our focus on client service continues to result in exceptional client loyalty. --

Our Mission is to provide exceptional risk management solutions and insurance broker services for businesses and individuals